Is it 2017 Yet??

To all the people out there who've posted Resolution lists....THROW THEM OUT! Please. Thank you.
Also, to the people who post their new health food regime and breakfast muesli on Instagram, please stop it. I know it's January and y'all are filled with ambition, but our precious Instagram is for celebrity party pics, sunsets and sometimes a good latte with that lovely Amaro filter. Everything else is just noise. So stop. Please. Thank you.
You have no idea what this year will bring. So stop writing down what you want to happen, and just make it happen. Keep it in your heart and save that paper for recipes and lesson plans. Let me share with you why.
In yet another procrastination morning (I'm officially unemployed again) I found myself looking through old blog posts and can across something I wrote on my old Weebly blog in December of 2013. It's pretty great, so let me indulge.
2014 is the year of travel, apparently. At least that's what the e-mail I opened tonight from said. I was surprised to find an e-mail in my inbox from them, as I usually get ads and other e-mail from because I almost exclusively used that site to book my bunk beds ahead of time when I was going through China. I took this random e-mail as a good omen.
The headline of the e-mail read:
Where will the year take you? Then there was a picture of a flying polar bear or something.
I'm going into this year with absolutely no expectations, just a desire to work hard and focus, mixed in with some prayer and yoga I'll hopefully find my way, somehow. I turned 29 at the top of my game and had absolutely no fear for what was going to lie ahead. I didn't have it all figured out, but I felt like I had it all together. I spent the year fighting (the good fight and some bad fights). It was one giant lesson in humility. I know better than to start the year being completely arrogant. Maybe I won't travel anywhere, maybe I will continue to fail, maybe I'll just get more confused as to how I should be living my life.
But I'm saving the e-mail for good measure.

This is me having pretty much given up after over a year of staying put. I didn't cross any borders, but I wrestled with a lot of back and forth. I did nothing in 2013 that I had expected or planned for in 2012. To save myself from another disappointment and another year I made no lists. I made no plans. At the last minute for New Year's Eve I was in my best friend's basement drinking a cheap bottle of red wine and writing. Around midnight I decided to socialize. If I would have known that 5 months later I'd be backpacking through Burma, meeting 30's divorcees and 18 year old idealists in Thailand and finding my first writing job in Beijing I would be pleased. I wouldn't have been totally surprised. I would have been happy knowing the future plans, but I was beyond the fantasy and beyond the list-making at that point.
My escape was nothing like I had visualized and much better than I had imagined. I couldn't have planned it better than how things panned out. What I learned during that year of travel was to commit completely to the moment. Plans need to be altered and temples need to be visited. "Don't spend your time thinking about what could have been," said the wise man Stanley who ran the hostel I lived at in Hong Kong for three weeks in August of 2014. Also, check-in your bags before you go to the airport. Air Asia isn't always the cheapest option. Don't count on getting from one side of Bangkok to the other in less than two hours if you aren't taking the Sky Train. It's just not gonna happen.
Once again, on top of the world in 2014 I had high hopes for 2015. And from what I've been seeing from peoples' posts, 2015 was not the greatest. Mine wasn't either. Let's go in to this thing with no exceptions, lots of know-how, and live in the moment. It'll work out better if we give up some control. We're all only humans (except for that handful of androids out know who you are). Let's all act like humans and give it up. 

A few highlights from 2015. Here's to 2017.