Livin' with no money

I quit my job. I'm free today.

Since I gave in my two weeks notice at work I've been making all kinds of plans for myself. I fantasized about all the happiness I'm going to get and all the TV shows I can catch up on. I can write all day. I can spend nights in reading books that have been sitting on my Ikea bookshelf for months. And all of those errands that I'm too tired to do at the end of the day will have to get done. I can finally apply for direct deposit. File my receipts from four years ago. Maybe I'll volunteer at an animal shelter. Hang out at my church more. Look at the stars.

The one issue It's kind of a big thing, I know. But I'm blessed to not be paying rent right now, and I will probably never own a car. So I'm free from any big monthly payments. I can make crazy decisions like not work and pursue my dream. But things still need to be bought. I have to leave my free house from time to time for my sanity, and for the pursuit of my dreams. I don't live in Asia right now, so living isn't so cheap. It's nine dollars for a pint over here, for goodness sake. A bus or subway ride is three dollars. But I think I can do it. I'm gonna have to. If anything, this will be a test of my creativity.

Here's what I've come up with so far:
Bust out five year old sweaters that are still hanging in my closet.
Stop browsing on It's torture. And a lot of beautiful but expensive things are only a few clicks away. They really should make that place illegal.
Use hand me down hair masks and lip balms. No, that's probably unsanitary.
Go to every yoga studio in the city just once to do a free trial session.
Always eat in.
Nothing spells date night like cheap Tuesdays at the movies.
Drink at home (unless someone else is buying at the bar).
Don't buy any plane tickets (for now).
Steal pens from work. Oh wait I can't, I quit my job.
Give people big hugs for their birthday. I'm a good squeezer.
Any other suggestions?

On my first day as an unemployed lady, I had leftovers for breakfast, walked to Starbucks and used a free drink coupon from a survey I took (this happens to me about every six months...too bad I end up in Starbucks about every day) and got an extra large soy something. I downloaded the torrent of a CD I liked that was on display at the cash. I skipped lunch and spent the afternoon writing. Made myself a dinner of asparagus (on sale, $1.29), salad and pasta, all ingredients that were already in the pantry and fridge. Two of my favorite bands were in town that night but I pretended I didn't know that and took comfort in my good company with friends and cocktails. Grand total for Day 1: $1.29. So far so good...right?

I quit my job. I'm free today.

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